Matt J.K.


Hello, my name is Matthew James Kelly and I am a graduate of the Bachelor of Design (Architecture) program at the University of Newcastle, Australia.

In 2012 I was honoured to receive the Parker fellowship, a unique travelling scholarship that will enable me to fulfill my architectural passion, to investigate the impact of urbanisation on the myriad of ways people live, breath and are housed in cities without limits.

I will be travelling to the swelling metropolis of Shenzhen China, the kaleidoscoping and chaotic slums of Mumbai, the majestic and vibrant Istanbul, the historic but deceptive Paris and the swanky London in order to investigate, observe and partake in the myriad of ways that humanity exits within an environment plied by man.

I wish to extract all that is weird and wonderful, while learning of failures and faults in order to develop a holistic and valid ‘house for humanity’ design and a ‘prosperous path for future life’, that not only responds to the needs of people and the earth today, but also the world of tomorrow.

So strap yourself in for a voyage of sensory
overload, of limitless possibilities & extraordinary lessons.

The ride departs Sunday 21st April 2013 at 9:40 pm.

Special thanks must go to The Architecture Foundation, The University of Newcastle and all sponsors that enable this rare privilege of being a Parker Fellow to be in existence.


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