Two Definitions of Density

It is mind boggling trying to comprehend the number of people that occupy the labyrinth of lanes and claustrophobic boxes that comprise India’s developing areas! For the malleable inhabitants of India’s slums, Australia’s densest suburb, Pyrmont-Ultimo in Sydney would prove to be a vast paradise.
Based upon approximate figures attained from Seva Kendra Kolkata on the population density of the ‘Muslim Camp’ (one of four target wards under their development Program for Rag Pickers) and statistics produced by the Bureau of Statistics in June 2012 on the population of Pyrmont-Ultimo I have devised a brief analogy to emphasis how alien our concept of density is in Australia.
‘Imagine Australia’s most densely populated suburb. Demolish it. Remove 80 percent of the rubble, 90% of the plumbing and electrical infrastructure and rebuild it without adherence to building codes and skilled labour within a 6 month period. Multiply the population that resided there by 11.5 times and you have the muslim camp in kolkata.’
People not only exist in areas as dense as this, but live, prosper and innovate.

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